About Us

Founded in 1966, Australian-owned and operated, A.F. Diecasters, continues to manufacture flexible, custom-designed Zinc and Aluminium diecast products to a myriad of clients both local and international. Today, the company is led by owner Peter Bates and operates out of Huntingdale, Victoria.

A.F. Diecasters boasts a team of qualified staff with more than 30 years’ experience in the Zinc and Aluminium diecasting industry.

With unmatched expertise in the field, we have excellent knowledge in product design from the conception to the finished product.

Furthermore, our team provides technical support and guidance with the laying out of tooling, including gating, locating runners and risers that can, in turn, affect the quality of the castings required for the application.

Overall, A.F. Diecasters is a customer-first driven business, where the clients themselves, can liaise directly with the owner. Quality is our number one priority from product to service.

Why source inferior materials from overseas when A.F. Diecasters can not only manufacture the solution locally,

but also deliver the finished products right to your doorstep?