A.F. Diecasters can produce a wide range of products that meet Australian industry standards and are 100% guaranteed. Our certified team of engineers has manufactured products for a host of industries across Australia and abroad.

Using the latest in industrial equipment and technology, A.F. Diecasters’ production focus remains on cultivating Aluminium and Zinc solutions that can be applied across different industries.

Our team chooses Zinc and Aluminium diecasts because of its robust and flexible properties. The corrosive resistance of our materials and minimal corrosive environments at A.F. Diecasters allows for greater aesthetic options with the products we produce.

 Aluminium and Zinc Diecasting

For instance, Zinc’s highly fluid alloys offer the ability to produce a highly defined surface texture finishes on Zinc diecast products. Zinc’s alloys are robust, enabling for greater stability and durability in the finished product. It also allows for products to have thinner walls, closer dimensions and smoother surfaces that don’t compromise the structure’s integrity.

This is increasingly apparent when Zinc compares to other diecasting materials, including plastic moulding and sand casting, which are limited in their tolerances, product variation and assembly time.

The robust nature of Zinc allows A.F. Diecasters to manipulate the material to create a broader range of shapes and products, while reducing the number manufacturing operations required – saving the client on both time and costs.

By comparison, Aluminium’s greatest benefit is in its lightweight properties and highly stable structure. Like Zinc, its dimensional stability holds well when formed into complex shapes with thin walls. Whilst Aluminium isn’t as mechanically flexible as Zinc, it is stronger and performs better against other diecasting materials.

From simple designs to more complex designs, AF Diecasters can produce to your specifications.

We can quote on projects large or small and can provide consultation concerning the design of your project.

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 Aluminium and Zinc solutions

We carry a standard range of:

 Wing Nuts   5/32 - 7/16  m4-m12
 T Nuts   3/16 - 3/8  m5-m10
 Acorn Nuts   3-16 - 3/8  m5-m10
 SA.F.ety Nuts   5/16 - 3/8  m8-m10
 Castor Sockets   5/16 - 3/8  m8-m10
 Skein Nuts   5/32 - 3/8  m4-m10
Our Zinc and Aluminium diecasts can be customised to your specifications and can be produced in high volume for bulk orders.