A.F. Diecasters provides a comprehensive range of premium Zinc and Aluminium finishing diecasting services. The use of both diecasting components allows us to create multi-cavity, complex shapes with closer dimensions compared to that of other diecasting materials.

A.F. Diecasters

The team at A.F. Diecasters has manufactured high volumes of products as well as complex designs on a smaller scale. The business can undertake any project due to the efficient processes in place, cost-saving designs, and environmentally-friendly recycling practices that A.F. Diecasters has implemented over the years.

We have full confidence in the Zinc and Aluminium products. The products are of a robust nature that doesn’t just offer flexible, cost-saving solutions, but hardwearing properties too.

The quality of the finished designs can resemble surfaces made of gold, brass, or stainless steel. Both materials offer the perfect balance between shape flexibility, strength, and finishing options.

Our full range of finishing services include:

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